Our Various Artists

These are some of our artists at the Artemptoon Art Guild. They have fantastic work

Their galleries are linked within their cards!

Want to be included?

Are you an artist that likes to make quick sketches and be paid for them? Would you like to create art packs or physical products and sell them?
Then the Artemptoon Art guild might be for you!


Calem Cotton Digital Artist

Cartoony transformation artist, I can make both toony or normal cute art!

Grichy Mergy Digital Artist/Animator

I draw toony squishy and shaping them, love slime and dragon

Akaji Digital Artist/Animator

Malleable? Flat? Inflate? Balloon? Object? Transform? You name it, and I draw it! Lion at your service.

WereWhusky 2D Digital Artist

Toony artist, my anatomy and proportions aim more to a semi realistic style than an authentic toony anatomy.

Roxanne "Roxy" Kaiser Digital Artist

Hi! I'm Roxy, and I draw funny animal scribbles.

Elly-sinker 2D animator

I do animations and drawings of cartoony physics and transformations.

DJMudsdale Digital Artist and Animator

Animator, Digital Artist, and body builder. Loves all things toony.

Eccentric Chimera | Affiliated Artist
Schrödy | Affiliated Artist
ManaOzyFolf | Affiliated Artist
CreatureUnknown | Affiliated Artist
Peketope | Affiliated Artist
SquishyDash | Affiliated Artist
Akaji | Affiliated Artist
PaperBoi | Affiliated Artist