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Closure of Arcaxonia Store

Any time after this post Arcaxonia will permanently close.
Sadly due to all the competition in the Merch fulfilment field and Arcaxonia had no way of surviving. The goal of Arcaxonia was to fulfill merch for other projects starting with ToonyShop, we had a few other projects in mind to cooperate with but that fell through and trying to reach out to others to offer the services yielded no results.
This decision came after a lot of careful reflection and is fueled by my recent decision to take some time to focus on more personal projects.

So What About ToonyShop?
However Toonyshop will remain for the time being and new products will be available for purchase AND creation upon request, Arcaxonia’s main website will be completely changed to simply accommodate ToonyShop and what was once will now lead to my Web Design & Freelance Studio with my professional portfolio.

ToonyShop won’t be going anywhere for the time being but may see different developments then originally planned.

Thank you Everyone for supporting Arcaxonia!
Arcaxonia was a great experiment and I learned so much! All that I have learned will be used for other projects and I will try and keep making better things as I go forwards.

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